Corporate Wellness

We provide corporate wellness and fitness programs that keep proactive San Jose companies and their employees fit and ready for success.

“At the current rate of increase, the cost of health care to employers will likely be the single most significant detriment to profitability and viability over the next decade. Annual increases of 8-14% in direct costs, in addition to the even more notable indirect costs, cannot continue without catastrophic outcomes.” – US Corporate Wellness

When your employees feel good, are free from pain, are strong, can move well, have ample energy, are taking care of themselves and their health by moving and choosing nutritive foods, your company thrives.

Through fitness classes, personal training, wellness coaching, education, group activities, competitions and contents, fitness testing and evaluation we specialize in getting your employees healthy, improving your bottom line and future success.

Online wellness coaching and “an apple a day” approach isn’t enough! That’s where we come in! Our customizable fitness programs engage your employees, keep them active; changing their lives and your company.

Company ROI

  • $3-$6 savings for every $1 invested in wellness
  • 20-55% reduction in health care costs
  • 32% decrease in short-term sick leave
  • 30% decrease work comp and disability
  • Enhanced recruitment and retention for all positions

Employee ROI

  • Ability to move well, feel and look good and perform previously tiring work with ease
  • Weight loss and muscle gain
  • Increased stamina, strength and power
  • Improved energy, happiness and well-being
  • Dissipation of aches and pains
  • Stress and disease management
  • Improved coordination, agility, balance and overall athleticism

Real Success

“Working out with Chrome Fit has improved our bottom line. Being more alert and energetic has helped us engage better with clients and close more deals.” PSS Communications owners, Marlene and Paul Fales

Call Sheri at 408.921.3517 to talk about how Chrome Fit can help you change the lives of your employees and profitability, success and energy of your company.


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