Sheri L. Covey

Sheri Covey, Chrome Fit
Fitness, Wellness & Performance Coach

“Doubles” with a Masters in Exercise Physiology and a Bachelors in Kinesiology, and Circular Strength Training [CST], TACFIT Team Leader, National Strength & Conditioning Association Strength & Conditioning Specialist [NSCA-CSCS], USA Weightlifting Performance Coach [USA-W], American Council on Exercise [ACE], Functional Movement Screen [FMS] and Concept 2 [C2 Indoor Rowing Coach] certifications, Sheri’s coaching and training background span from providing health, wellness, medical and fitness training services to South Bay Area CEOs, executives and local business professionals to providing strength and conditioning and performance services to teams such as JV, Varsity and Master-level rowers from Los Gatos Rowing Club, Women’s Professional Football players and several Stanford collegiate and club teams as well as recreational and competitive cyclists, runners, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball and baseball players. Covey uses performance training methods and strategies from a wide range of resources to provide expansive mobility, strength, fitness and motor skill improvements.

As the owner of Chrome Fit Inc., Sheri is focused on offering expert-coached training programs that function as a system and redefine the way people move, feel, look, work, play, perform and live.

“Time bows to authentic commitments. It stretches to accommodate.” – Will Hewett


Eric J. Douglass

Eric Douglass, Chrome Fit
Health-First Personal Movement Coach, Clubbell Trainer

Eric is a Circular Strength Training Instructor (CST), TACFIT Instructor, Evolution Kettlebell Groundwork (EKG) Level 1 Trainer, and National Strength & Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT). He teaches wellness through movement by emphasizing the restoration of the fundamental yet powerful, graceful, and ultimately health-promoting range of mobility that is the birthright of every human being. Eric coaches individuals, couples, groups, and teams with an array of effective training protocols that are designed to be both time-efficient and stimulating. His coaching method reflects his belief that the most motivating workouts deliver results not just by challenging your body, but also by stimulating your mind through teaching increasingly sophisticated and entertaining skills. His programs are designed to help develop a distinct feeling that engaging exercise and masterful movement is a satisfying way to explore and deepen the connection between mind and body.

Eric believes that fitness should be fun, rewarding, and able to serve as a vehicle for taking personal control over health, attitude, and quality of life.


Daniel Spencer

Daniel Spencer, Chrome Fit
Gold Medal Bodies Coach, Sports Science Lab Trainer, Muscle Balance and Function Coach

Daniel is a Level 1 Gold Medal Bodies [GMB] Coach trained in teaching GMB’s Level 1 programs, a Sports Science Lab Trainer specializing in footwork, foundational ball work, pool work and running mechanics and a Level 2 Muscle Balance and Function (a posture balancing program) coach. He is also about to complete his Exercise Science degree at San Jose State University. Daniel’s main focus is strength training using gymnastic skills. He teaches skills on the rings, paralletes and on the floor providing a solid foundation across strength, mobility, and coordination platforms. This gives you the freedom to move your body when and however you want with strength and control. Daniel is very passionate about training under this system and enjoys sharing his ideas and concepts of movement with others.


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